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Our team at Movement Marketing believes in the power of the travel industry to create change. We believe in those who stay curious and creative, and believe that they are the ones that often push us to ask questions and seek out new ideas. We strive every day to work with the teams making a difference in the travel industry, and become the catalyst for their success. Great things are never done by one person... they take great teams.


We are a team that inspires people to seek new adventures. To venture out into the unknown and sail far from safe harbors. To seek out new places and have their lives changed by new experiences. We encourage others to realize that only by doing things we have never done, can we accomplish things we never thought possible.


We are a company that encourages movement. That inspires change and strives to help people. We realize that we only get one chance at life, and we encourage our team and others to not take it for granted. We are a team of dreamers and we choose to work with those who dream of bigger things... and we would love to work with you!


We believe in entrepreneurs and those that make the travel industry great...

We just happen to be a marketing agency.

Join #TheMovement

Inspire.  Dream.  Explore.

A part of your team,
dedicated to your success.

We are a team of passionate travelers and strategic marketers dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and travel companies to help them grow and change the world through travel. With a growing network of Destination Marketing Organizations, Travel Companies and Travel Agents, we work to find strong synergies between travel brands that can be leveraged through successful partnerships and strong marketing campaigns. Our work within the travel industry has led us to partnering with companies and destinations around the world. Our passion is to help entrepreneurs, and to help people see the world! It is what we are good at... and it is what we love to do!

What We're Good at:

  • Strategic Partnership Marketing

  • Event Management

  • Travel Advisor Engagement and Education

  • Relationship Management

  • Campaign Strategy Development

  • Tourism Representation

Leadership & Vision

Michael's love of the travel & tourism industry started over a decade ago while working for a major tour operator. Throughout his career in the travel industry, he has had roles in both sales and marketing that have led him to building multiple teams and developing new revenue streams for many different companies.

In 2013 Michael started his first business, Touring International. As a National Tour Broker,

they focused solely on helping companies to better manage and grow their group travel business.

Despite their success, in 2017 the decision was made to incorporate the business into one of the major

travel agency brands in the US.

As a Director, Michael started and managed both a Group Travel Department, as well as their Tourism Board Partnership Team. His experience in building new partnerships, working with marketing and training teams, and building new revenue streams for organizations make him a great asset to helping the Movement Marketing team. He is dedicated to building a strong team here at Movement Marketing so that they can help travel companies around the world create successful and impactful marketing campaigns. He too is a dreamer.

Founder & President

Michael Ziegler

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